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As of February 2010, there have been more than 680 separate posts on More Than Mind Games. Here is a tasting menu. All of the site’s core curriculum is here – Brian Clough, Herbert Chapman, the different problems facing the English and Scottish games, the football “craze” of 1880-1915, football psychology, and the football we grew up with as kids. I hope you’ll find something to enjoy.

I’ve marked my own “big four” favourite posts with an asterisk (*) :

Brian Clough

Brian Clough: Sunderland and the end of his playing career

The aftermath of The Damned Utd: what we’ve learned about Brian Clough

Brian Clough: who he really was, and what he really achieved (*)

Football Management

Where did all the English managers go?

Why aren’t English managers more intelligent?

The problems facing Fabio Capello (2007)

Why did British football cease to innovate?(*)

Did fan violence kill that word “soccer”?

The Friendly Clubs: Ipswich Town

Football and Psychology

Deisler, football and depression (*)

“Passion and commitment” versus skill and composure

Football – the new religion?

Scotland’s national team – eleven impossible jobs

John Cameron

John Cameron and the History of English Football(*)

Herbert Chapman

Herbert Chapman – Part One

Herbert Chapman and Leeds City

Sir Alf Ramsey

Alf Ramsey picks the team: prologue

Alf Ramsey picks the team: 1963

Alf Ramsey picks the team: Budgie’s 1964

Victorian and Edwardian Football

The Edwardian footballer and the old boy spin brigade

1878: football and floodlighting

Edwardian tactics: reality and survival

1908 Olympic football: the first World Cup

Arthur Kinnaird and the future of football: 1918

Smog, matchdays and camping on the eve of war

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