The First Recorded Sound

Some of you may remember that 1860 version of Clare de la Lune getting Charlotte Green into all kinds of trouble last year. The people behind that restoration, First Sounds,  are still very much at work, and now they’ve pushed the likely date for the first recording of sound back to 1857.

That’s not on their website yet, but there is an 1859 recording of an English sports journalist lamenting the international side’s lack of passion and commitment. Well, alright: it’s actually of a tuning fork.

More information here and…



Edison’s 1878 recording of the New York Elevated Railroad.


An 1862 tuning fork recording, using a dead human’s eardrum as a membrane. We’re an interesting species, aren’t we?


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  1. When I was small, my mother (I assume) taught me Au Clare de la Lune and Sur le Pont D’Avignon. Presumably lots of other children had the same experience. Why?

  2. Come to think of it, Mum was tone deaf so it can’t have been her. Nursery school? Primary school?

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