The Denis Law Workout

Give this clip less than three minutes of your time – and then see if you don’t want to watch it again.


Found using the superb new video search. Windows Live, Office 2007, Windows ICE, Windows 7, and now this. Are Microsoft feeling OK? Are they suffering Apple entryism? Because all of a sudden everything they do is excellent. Another proud reputation from my youth trashed, and that, as Larkin said, is England gone.


4 Replies to “The Denis Law Workout”

  1. Wow look at those pitches. Very talented young man. I bet he earned less in his whole career than some of those prima donnas earn in a month. Fantastic talent.

  2. Is there anyone around now who reminds you of Law? Torres, maybe?

    It’s a wonder, isn’t it; where have all the remarkable Scots players gone?

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