1912 Olympic Football Final

More egregious copyright theft from Football Commentator. But it’s a good example of the huge quantity of high-quality footage to be seen on Freemantle Media’s superb multi-DVD production, The History of Football. Amazon list it for just under £18.00, which, for 7 DVDs of this sort of thing accompanied by intelligent commentary and interviews (e.g. James Walvin and Ulrich Hesse-Lichtenberger) is an absolute steal. Rather than Youtubing – after all, Football Commentator’s clips are going to be caught up with in a big way before long – buy this magnificent boxed set.

The commentary here is from the DVD, and speaks for itself. As for the film, it’s one of the better pre-1914 efforts. Look out for the goal celebration:


2 Replies to “1912 Olympic Football Final”

  1. Ha ha, what comedy. Copyright infringement!

    Every clip you post on your blog from youtube has a rights owner, usually the television network that broadcast the matches. How come you arent railing on them?

    On top of railing on the copyright garbage you actually post the video.

    Are you one of these people that is self serving to get people on your site while pretending to be upstanding??

    Good luck getting my comment thru your personal filter.

  2. Well, I am being partly tongue in cheek, yes.. and it would, IMHO, be a pity were Youtube to be shut down entirely because of this issue. However, Football Commentator’s appropriation of both the video and the commentary does seem a little over the top. No?

    If I am one of those people, my stats show me up as a rank amateur. Sigh. Never mind…

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