Charlton vs Neeskens 1973

This must be one of the great “novelty” matches ever played, and yet it’s almost completely forgotten when such things as “England vs The Rest of the World” linger on. It’s the Six – the Common Market – vs the Three – guess for yourself – at Wembley to celebrate our 1973 entry. They dug up one of Pathe’s pre-War commentators for the occasion.

As was usual for the middle of the 20th Century, the allies win, but leave it relatively late:



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  1. All those familiar names from my yoof. Lorimer, Zoff, Charlton, Ball, Jennings. So nostalgia. And in black and white. Love the commentary. Just like the news reels.

  2. Nick Hornby of football (in the Telegraph on 6/9/09): “It’s so uncool; it’s become a game for old men or little kids.”

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