The 1936 FA Cup Final From The Air

(UPDATE: As FA Cup Final Freddy says in the comments: FAIL – it’s Sheffield United, not Sheffield Wednesday. I’ll get me coat..)

They shut Pathe News out of the Wembley Final in ’36 – so the journos hired a gyrocopter, made their wills and took off…

It wasn’t altogether worth their while: Alex James scored the only goal of a grim game against Sheffield Wednesday. But time has passed, and now the film is full of interest. They never really did finish rebuilding Wembley’s environs after the Exhibition, and it shows.

It’s on Youtube, below, if you like, but this is your chance to get acquainted with Pathe News’ new archive website, where the clips are available to view in just staggering quality. There is a lot there, splendidly restored.  Click here and fullscreen the results. Here’s the muddier, shorter Youtube version, inferior in every respect.



4 Replies to “The 1936 FA Cup Final From The Air”

  1. FA CUP FINAL BLOG POST FAIL: Have you actualy watched and listened to the video you include in your post? Sheffield UNITED you tool, the 1936 FA Cup final was Arsenal v Sheffield UNITED. As clearly stated in big letters on the video & said in clear spoken English.

  2. Gulp.. you’re right! I’ve updated now, thanks for pointing that out. I think I was too busy wondering how much money it took to bribe someone on board a 1930s gyrocopter. Not enough to get me in there, at any rate.

  3. I can remember when we were all assured that quite soon we would all travel to work by gyrocopter or by moving pavement.

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