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Another One Gone

Posted on 20 August 2009 by JamesHamilton


Whatever else might be said about “Will Rubbish” remember this: he created a superb group blog that had Terry Glavin and George Szirtes on board, real luminaries of whom you have heard, to say nothing of a substantial chunk of the real left-wing blogging talent. Peter, Shuggy, Eric, Hak, Spirit, Bagrec..

If things went downhill after that, well – British blogging as a whole has been in pretty obvious decline for the last 3 years. But if there was a blog that you didn’t expect just to blink out without warning, this was the one. Will’s readers, like Philip Larkin’s, will have to excuse the absence of the usual valediction.

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  1. dearieme Says:

    I’d have guessed that the decline of The Pub might have led to more blogging. Wrong, presumably.

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