It wasn’t so long ago that this blog had readers at the Guardian, the Times, Time Out London, the PM programme, Radio 5 Live, BBC Online and, I am told, within Blair’s kitchen cabinet. A year plus of disruption and the consequent reduced frequency and quality of posting has done for most of that I imagine.

Which is a pity, because I want to give some good publicity to my new ISP, TitanADSL. Courtesy of a certain national landline telephone provider, they have had to move mountains to get me up and running. It has been a frustrating time for me and for them, but I was always kept up to date with what was going on, both via email or via phone calls. Their service in that respect has been absolutely excellent – a stark staring contrast to just about every other organisation I’ve had to deal with since moving up in September.

You don’t often get to say this, but: I couldn’t be more pleased with the way I’ve been treated. I recommend them unreservedly. TitanADSL.

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  1. When we let our house out for six months, the letting agents said they’d deal with the utilities. Pause; unless you’re with NTL – we refuse to deal with them. So I did it myself. Change of name on the phone/internet? No problem, sir.

    So we’re in NZ and the tenants send an e-mail – NTL refuse to deal with them because they don’t share my surname.

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