Back Soon?

The “internet” symbol on my router lit up last night for the first time. It still won’t actually CONNECT me to the entity of that name, but that must come soon, and when it does, I’ll be back properly.

They’ve demolished the nineteenth century pavilion at the Edinburgh Academicals ground. When you are surrounded by so much Architecture with a capital A, it’s too easy to overlook minor but excellent buildings. Perhaps it had become dangerous, but all I can say is that had that building been in Sutton, it would have been the best thing in the borough.

1 Reply to “Back Soon?”

  1. Oh no. Games pavilions can be such handsome things – the ogres who want to “develop” the old playing field behind our house have promised to preserve the pav, but I’ll bet they’re lying. I hope they’re bankrupt.

    P.S. solution to router problem – have a 23 year old daughter.

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