Guess The Manager: Youtube Quiz

Here’s another bit of vintage Youtube. Keep the sound off. Without clicking through to Youtube itself, see if you can gather enough clues from the film to guess the identity of the boss of the boys in blue and white (the real clue comes right at the end, but see how you get on..)


3 Replies to “Guess The Manager: Youtube Quiz”

  1. Yes – and at least he was actually present for this match: the mysterious sojourn took place largely in the US, London and the Middle East.

    Clough blamed his failure in Brighton on two factors: that he himself scared the life out of his players simply because he came from the top of the game, and that he had showed too little patience and understanding towards what was, after all, a limited ability group.

    Peter Taylor stayed on for about a year more than Clough: six years after this defeat, Brighton were in Division One.

  2. Damn it someone got there first. But I honestly did know it was Clough- being a Leeds fan I’m quite familiar with that phase of his career!

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