Not Much Left..

Incredible as it might seem, there appears to be more surviving footage of Sheffield United’s Edwardian goalkeeper William “Fatty” Foulkes than of Manchester United’s great midfielder Duncan Edwards. I am away for the weekend, and this is all I’ve been able to track down.. inevitably, it’s hung with mourning:

Youtube: Matt Busby

Burnley film maker Sam Hanna took some colour film of the 1957 FA Cup Final, which the Babes lost to Villa, but that’s tucked away in TWI’s archive and isn’t online.

It helps that there’s plenty of Puskas left to enjoy.


Here’s some Foulkes – in the 1901 FA Cup Final. Significant because? Answers in the comments, please.

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  1. Yes, Spurs, then of the Southern League, were the last non-league team to lift the FA Cup.

    Wooden goalposts? Pah. But if you look closely at the 1901 clip, you’ll see that the penalty area is a different shape from the modern one.

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