Good News

We arrived home in Edinburgh tonight to find the letter from the Home Office on the mat. My wife’s application for British citizenship has been accepted.

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  1. Congratulations to you both!

    Thankfully my wife didn’t have to do all that, and we went through the somewhat less bureaucratic (and less expensive) US equivalent instead.

    If there’s one thing the British government seems to be good at, it’s milking money out of any (non-EU) foreigner who wants to live in the country.

  2. Fortunately, the price and complication of the UK one has dropped substantially – the whole thing took about 3 weeks and cost less than a grand. Would have been worth ten times that to avoid the separate passport queues at airports etc – horrible, frightening and vulnerable times. No more.

  3. That’s good to hear. My gf is about to start the process – she’ll be glad to hear it’s easy for some (even if her situation is a little different, it isn’t one of the troublesome ones in principle.)

  4. Jolly good; congrats. But tell us the big deal – is she going to shout for Scotland or England?

  5. Oh, the usual: England first, then whichever Home Nation/Ireland team is up. Anyway, there’s no getting into the pub when Scotland is on, so shouting for them is very much in the realm of the theoretical.

  6. @Metatone: I sincerely hope it goes as easily for you as it did for us. At any rate, it was quick – from taking the citizenship test through to the letter saying “all good,” about 3 weeks. I won’t be entirely comfortable until I see her face in a UK passport, mind you.

  7. Apologies for not being round earlier- I’ve had a hell of a few months at work! But this is brilliant news- congratulations from me are on their way to Edinburgh as I write. (Poor her though- years and years of disapointment as England crash out of sporting tournaments await not to mention the privilege of rain!)

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