Putting a Curse Upon Uruguay

Given that I’ll be shouting for the Germans in tonight’s 3rd place playoff, I thought it appropriate to show this clip of the Uruguayans – when the South American team were still World Champions – coming a horrible cropper against Scotland:

6 Replies to “Putting a Curse Upon Uruguay”

  1. What’s been your worst thing in the World Cup coverage, James?
    For me it’s been a toss up between
    (1) The BBC commentary on England v Algeria: it was at the hysterical level of one-eyed ignorance that I’ve previously seen only in Australia.
    (2) The stomach-curdling poltrooney involved in the clips we’ve been shown of what I’ve come to think of as Plonkers Patronising Picaninnies.

  2. Though come to think of it, it may be a happy invention. “Poltrooney plays as striker for England”: ah!

  3. The Final: the better team won. But they no more knew how to use a speed merchant than Arsenal do.

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