Christmas 2009: Scotland v Brazil 1974

Scotland drew the World Champions – and such World Champions! in their first round at their first World Cup. And played them off the park. Only Rivelino would have deserved a place in Willie Ormond’s side that day.

Scotland could, if they wished, remember 1974 for this. Only the Netherlands, against the same opponents, would put on a better display in the entire tournament. It might be the best Scottish performance of all time, but if you’d rather have Baxter in ’67, a much ropier display all round, then suit yourself.

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  1. I remember this too. Jordan, Lorimer and Bremner – three Leeds players. It is probably the best Scotland team I ever saw, though the one that beat England at Wembley in 1967 was pretty good too.

    The match is still appreciably slower than the game today, isnt it? Thanks for this.

  2. We probably should point out though that the Brazil ’74 team was one of the weakest Brazil teams ever to go to the World Cup – certainly not a ’58, ’62 or ’70 and definitely not an ’82, ’94, ’98 or ’02.


  3. I agree with Rob – the ’74 Brazil team was even more of a shadow of the ’70 one than Hungary ’58 was of the ’54 version.

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