50 Years of Bill Shankly


For my money, the lesser of the great ’60s tranche of managers, but the better man of the lot of them. He reminds me of my Uncle John RIP.

4 Replies to “50 Years of Bill Shankly”

  1. What impressed me most about Shankly was that the success carried on after him. It didn’t with Clough or Busby, and I don’t know if it will after Ferguson or Wenger.

  2. No, and my theory on that is contained in one word and one man: Paisley. He was there in the background throughout Shankly’s period in office, and when he took over, things improved dramatically – I do wonder if he is the whole story, not just part, of Liverpool’s success.

    But there’s no not loving Shankly, even if one doesn’t think him a Clough, Revie or Ferguson.

  3. Did Shankly appoint Paisley, or did he inherit him at the club? (Asked from ignorance; I don’t know the answer.)

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