Australia v Scotland: Aus 345 (49.6ov)

Australia At The Grange 28 August 2009
Australia At The Grange 28 August 2009

It’s a strange sensation, this walking down my little village High Street at lunchtime, to find it full of smiling faces because the local side has just skittled the Aussies.

I’ve never seen Franco’s so full. Or heard San Marco so loud..

It wouldn’t have been fair to crop that picture as it begs to be cropped – to leave it sans yellow, nothing but headscratching Scottish cricketers. 345 is a thoroughly respectable score to hold Australia to, and whatever happens this afternoon, it’ll be something I and they will remember.


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  1. Perfectly respectable- English teams in the mid-nineties regularly struggled to make a third of that against the Australians, particularly in an innings that mattered!

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