TV Ads From The Seventies

TV’s football coverage, even on terrestrial television, has never been so thorough. Match of the Day thirty years ago didn’t show every game as it does now, nor were there the extraordinary FA Cup coverage marathons that we now get.

But older readers will have lived through, and lived beyond, the time when TV was really and truly at the centre of national life. With the decline of television has come a decline in the quality of the accompanying advertising. If you didn’t catch ITV before about 1988, you missed a treat: the British did advertising superbly. It was often said at the time that the commercial breaks were better than the programmes.

The ’80s ads still look good now. But here’s a charming selection from earlier on – I’d say from about 1975. ’75 was the dog year to outstrip all dog years, but at least there was no O**** F****** Finance…



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