Steve McClaren Settles In

I really, really don’t know what to make of this. What do you think? (ht the Graun, obviously)


(Using Dutch syntax in English as part of an attempt to learn Dutch? No easy language, after all…)

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  1. I was bounced on Dutch (and Norwegian) knees before ever I met an Englishman, my kilt is Maclaren tartan (spell the name how you will) and I’m a fan of the brolly. So I have a fellow-feeling for him. Plus, I don’t know much about football.

  2. The poor guy.
    He’s in a permanent state of being out of his depth.
    What a nutcase.

    But what does “(ht the Graun, obviously)” mean?

  3. It stands for “hat-tip the Guardian” i.e. that’s where I came across it in the first place. It was on Football Focus earlier today too..

  4. “I really, really don’t know what to make of this.”

    I`m an irish person living in Scandinavia. When I speak English oddly constructed sentences are uttered accidentally. My accent, I think, is the same after 6 years.
    It seems McClaren has consciously decided upon this bizarre gesture. He exudes weakness and eagerness to please. I could only watch half the video. He is so vain and concerned with perceptions rather than realities. Embarrassing.
    Contrast with Capello who set about leaning/improving his English . He didn’t just squawk in a cockney accent.

    Those supposedly european style expressive shrugs! WTF?

  5. This has all gone straight over my head. What exactly is under discussion here?

    Is it McClaren speaking in some kind of recently-adopted accent? Maybe it’s because I’ve been surrounded by non-English speakers for the past 5 years that it isn’t immediately obvious to me. But I have to confess, I adopt a rather odd accent when speaking to a foreigner, partly from having to use very simply words pronounced in a manner which I know the foreigner will understand, often using phrases such as “Tonight we go to club”. Speaking English without modifying anything usually comes across as gibberish to most foreigners, who struggle like hell with British accents.

  6. Yes, Tim – it’s about the whys of McClaren adopting the accent. I think you’re most likely right on this one, although my own experience of the Dutch is that their English far outstrips that of the, er, English. As it were.

  7. “…most foreigners, who struggle like hell with British accents”: with yours, perhaps. That’s why if there ever is a spelling reform in English, they’ll have to standardise on mine.

  8. with yours, perhaps

    No, they can understand me easily because I have a very neutral accent and speak slowly. But being in oil and gas, the industry is flooded with Scots. You can imagine how well the foreigners understand a Scottish scaffolding supervisor.

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