More Than Mind Games Meetup Wednesday 23rd May 2007

We’ll be meeting for the Champions League Final in the Cardinal near Victoria Station between 6.30 and kickoff at 7.45. The match should be on big screens, all being well. You can see a map here.

So that you know who to look for, here’s yours truly in football commentator mode:


I’ve slightly more hair than that now.. and I’ll be wearing a dark blue jacket, some kind of blue shirt, and jeans. If the pub proves to be packed with my doppelgangers, call xxxxx xxxxxx and I’ll tell you where to head for. Looking forward to meeting anyone who can make it.

4 Replies to “More Than Mind Games Meetup Wednesday 23rd May 2007”

  1. I’m sorry that I can’t make it – already arranged something other side of the city.

    One suggestion for purposes of identification – instead of having to already decide what clothes you are going to wear tomorrow, you could simply wear those headphones and hold that microphone.

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