Just For Sunday..

..and to bring some fresh air in after the last post –

Denis Law, the greatest Scottish striker of the post-war era, the best until Dalglish, and a proper human being by all accounts too:


Clough v Nicholson: Derby County’s greatest team come back from the dead against one of my favourite Spurs line-ups (follow the link – it’s worth it):


And a long… two-parter of Chelsea v Manchester United, season 1968-9:

And the same fixture, 16 years later, in even longer format.

All told, an hour’s football, better – with the glorious exception of Crouch’s hat-trick – than anything you saw on yesterday’s Match of the Day.

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  1. Thank you, James; Law was tremendous. I agree that the bean-pole did very well yesterday. Does a week or two’s break help explain it? (Oops, perhaps “break” is not the ideal word.)

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