Quiet Corners in the Lives of Great Managers

We all know that Don Revie went off to Dubai after resigning the England job. But no one seems to know how he got on there. In another vein, we all know that Sir Alf won a championship with perhaps the most unlikely club in the history of the Football League, but few could tell me off the top of their heads how Ramsey got on at Birmingham City, or when he was there.

The subject has the makings of a very short quiz. No Googling.

  1. Brian Clough was manager of Leeds United for 44 days. How long was Jock Stein’s reign at the club?
  2. Who was the first former England captain to manage a club to a European Cup Final?
  3. Which football club was managed by two former England players on its way to a European Cup Final?
  4. Name two England managers who have taken clubs from promotion from the old Second Division to runners-up spot in Division One the following year.
  5. Finally, give the wording of the curse placed on Brian Clough’s former clubs. To say nothing of Don Revie’s. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since this game, hasn’t there?


3 Replies to “Quiet Corners in the Lives of Great Managers”

  1. I remember that game, James, though I wasn’t actually there to see it, alas. That was my last year at Leeds, and though a ManU supporter, I had been to Elland Road a few times and enjoyed it. Leeds could, and sometimes did play glorious football. The toying with Southampton might have been cruel but it was irresistible. Now there was belief!

    It still surprises me that Leeds did not win more than they did. I thought they were rather robbed in the 1975 European Cup Final where Lorimer scored a screaming beauty that was disallowed. I wonder if that is anywhere on YouTube.

  2. By the way the quiz (no Googling)

    1. Not sure, but shorter, maybe three weeks.
    2. Don Revie
    3. Tempted to say Leeds United, but I don’t think so. Barcelona by Bobby Robson and Terry Venables?
    4. Don Revie with Leeds and Tommy Docherty with Manchester United
    5. Clough and Revie, Revie and Clough
    Runners-up get nothing.
    Now f- off.
    (A wild guess. Surprise me.)

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