Thinking Blogger Award


Gracchi at Westminster Wisdom was kind enough to tag me with this back in February, and a combination of G’s own modest underwhelmedness with the whole concept plus my inability to read English meant that it’s only just registered with me.

In fact, modesty, self-effacement, mockery and attempts to bring the meme to a halt have typified the British blogging reaction to this. Allow me to part company. I’m deeply pleased with it. Don’t tell anyone, though. Thanks Gracchi – from you, that’s a real compliment to be paid.

Needless to say tagging five others is a trial by now – practically all of the likely candidates have already felt the divine wings pass over and rushed to their first-born. And most of the blogs I read aren’t actually trying to make me think – make me laugh, or comment, or wince, yes, but there aren’t so many that take an explicitly intellectual line and yet haven’t picked up their brown badge.

Since that chippiness thing went around, truth to tell I haven’t been reading blogs so much anyway. That kind of thing puts me off, confirming every prejudice about bloggers.. you don’t need me to tell you which ones.

My list will be ten blogs long. Five of them will be blogs that make me think, five will be blogs that I like and read regularly. But I’m not going to tell you which from which.

Blognor Regis, Jackie Danicki, Brian Micklethwait, Tommy Greeves, George Szirtes, Matthew Turner, Matthew Happold, Harrow Drive and Heraclitean Fire.

That’s nine, actually, isn’t it? Well, it’s not counting bloggers.

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  1. Thank you very much, James. I would guess that mine is a blog that makes you think; specifically, makes you think, “I really hope she DID get herself in to see that therapist.” I’m flattered that you read me!

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