Youtube Nostalgia

Purely for it’s own sake. Although there was that phrase “steely and determined” a few posts ago, and there was always plenty of that about Revie’s fantastic, unlucky Leeds side of the 60s and 70s. This clip is as much about Leicester as Leeds, though:


And some sober analysis – no, really, and you can relate this to the passion-and-commitment issue if you care to – by a young Brian Clough. Intelligence, attention to detail, knowledge. A great broadcaster as well as manager:

A trivia question for you – who were the first team to have won one of the big three domestic trophies to be relegated from the Football League?

It was Headington United, of course, and here they are in the 1954 FA Cup against Bolton Wanderers in front of Pathe News (who, rather like Eurosport sometimes, always seemed to use the same inexhaustibly-enthusiastic commentator):

Here’s the second Derby County Championship winning team, playing Burnley, who at one stage in the late 1950s and early 1960s were seen by many as the most modern, forward-looking club in the country (you’ll have to follow this link on this occasion, but it’s worth it).

And a graceful tribute to Bill Shankly:

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