Building a World Cup Stadium: Uruguay 1930

In some senses, Uruguay was an altogether appropriate location for the inaugural World Cup. It’s population, 97% European in origin, has contingents from Spain, Italy, England, France, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Russia, Croatia and the Scandinavian countries. Although Italian and Spanish dominate, in that context, the first football World Cup was won by the footballing world.

This clip shows both the building of the stadium in Montevideo for the first Final, and also scenes from the elegant city itself, at this time only just beginning to be overwhelmed by traffic.


2 Replies to “Building a World Cup Stadium: Uruguay 1930”

  1. Talking of changing times, something struck me on last night’s highlights. Has Kuyt lost weight since he joined Liverpool? Even more noticeable, has Derbyshire of Blackburn got any flesh on his bones at all? Put otherwise, have soccer players ever been as slim? Goalies of ordinary build now seem chubby by contrast. (While rugby players seem to get ever more massive.)

  2. You’re right, and it’s all down to changing emphases in training. I’m going to post on this during the week.

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