World Class Darts

Watching two 50 year old men qualify for the World Darts Final yesterday, I couldn’t help but be struck by how poor the quality of play was. Too fast – and the players moving far too much of their body for truly consistent scoring. (The second finalist made it through without ever really playing better than I had in my garage aged 14, and I won’t deny certain thoughts have been cropping up in my mind about.. but let’s not go there now).

This is how it should be done. My darts mentor and the perfect player – John Lowe:


..and just to keep this post on topic:

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  1. Good point about the scoring, and the play. I’ve only just dug out the stats for the Championship so far, and the averages for the quarters and semis are particularly low. Adams is generally ahead, and his first round 33.36 well ahead of anything else, and only slightly below what Barney achieved in the PDC Final. Both Adams and Nixon have dominated, while throwing away sets through poor finishing – not that I could do any better…

  2. Ever come across a blog and wish you’d been reading it since it began? I just have. Thank Pootergeek for linking to you. Now I’m going to have to spend the next week at work going through your archives.

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