Quote of the Year

I don’t see this being bettered:

Footballers are like mayflies; one minute they’re gangly young things, full of potential, and then before you know it they’re struggling to keep up with the pace of the game and having to find something else to do with the rest of their lives.

Harry Rutherford, discussing Beckham’s departure at Heraclitean Fire.

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  1. Its difficult to beat that- I like Beckham as a player- its a pity he hasn’t found somewhere where we could still see his talent develop- I’d love to have seen what Allardyce would do with him at Bolton for example- I expected him to end up at a promoted Juventus- so got that wrong. The American move obviously suits him in that it will aid his later career- if he wants one in film etc- and also he might be the one to catapult the American league to actually where it should be, soccer according to my US friends is a sport played but not watched over there- but it is a great pity not to see how he would develop as a footballer in Europe. I do think he had a lot to contribute still.

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