Uruguay 1924-1930

FIFA celebrated its centenary in 2004 by producing what in context might be the worst football DVD of all time. I refer to the horrible FIFA Fever, which contains “greatest goals, saves, bloopers and fouls.” I can’t recommend it even to rent.

However, it does contain a silent film made by a British company, and this is worth seeing: a video biography of the first World Champions, Uruguay. The team that won the first World Cup had also carried off the previous two Olympic titles, both of those in Europe, thereby setting a precedent for Brazil’s 1958 “foreign hemisphere” victory.

The footage of 1924 is especially excellent, and might be the earliest football film in which you can actually get a real idea of what’s going on. The 1930 Final itself has been colorized: the monochrome account of Uruguay’s preparation to host the Finals is more interesting however.