Film of the Day #8: The Chinese Demonstrate Relativity

This was taken on board the relatively new 270mph Shanghai Maglev train.

As the train accelerates, you can get an idea of its speed from passing traffic, in much the same way as you can on that M1 stretch of the St Pancras – Sheffield route. But only at first. At about 180mph, something curious happens: the traffic – which is doing about 60mph – now appears to be motionless. At that point, the train still has another 90mph to add to its speed.


This Match of the Day clip from 1970 contains Best, Law, Charlton, Sadler, Mackay, Gemmill, Hector, Kidd, a terrible pitch and the Baseball Ground roar. It also has 8 goals. You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to.