England v Germany

Here’s an entire 45-minute documentary covering the whole story of England v Germany encounters from the very beginning until.. well, I stopped watching after the 5-1 Munich victory, so I don’t know how it ends. Too many talking heads, as is always the case with this kind of thing, although one of those heads is a delight – Ulrich Hesse-Lichtenberger, author of Tor! The Story of German Football, one of the essential football histories of the last 15 years. I’ve provided timings for some of the highlights below, including black and white footage of the crucial 1972 Netzer match at Germany. Why black and white, so late, I wonder?

2:50 Footage of unnamed postwar match with bigot at the microphone
4:00 German 1960s? training session
5:30 First sight of Ulrich H-L
6:10 Behind-the-scenes footage at the ’66 World Cup
9:56 Origins of German football
11.10: 1914 Christmas truce
12:30 Germany v England Berlin 1930
13:15 Nazi Germany v England at White Hart Lane
14:24 Germany v England – the infamous salute
15:55 Bert Trautmann – footage and interview with the great goalkeeper
18:40 West Germany v England Nuremberg 1965
19:40 West Germany v England Wembley February 1966 – well worth seeing for what happened later
22:00 Mexico 1970 behind-the-scenes footage
23:20 West Germany v England Hanover 1968 – Germany’s first win
28:25 Netzer 1972 at Wembley
29:58 Keegan and Woodstock play in Bundesliga
31:15 1990 World Cup Semi-Final

I think we can guess the rest. By the way, as this is a Google video, it’s downloadable should you want to watch it later.