Early Youtube Footage

Here are all of the clips I’ve been able to find thus far of significant pre-War or Wartime football. There are others – I’ve favoured clips that give at least a faint idea of play or an idea of the sort of people involved. If anyone can locate the 1912 West Ham v Manchester United clip that Youtube have deleted, I’d be delighted to see it.

The 1930 World Cup Final

The 1934 World Cup Final

The 1938 World Cup Final

The 1950 World Cup Final

Arsenal 1897 (Football in Hades: it doesn’t make it look like fun)

Blackburn v West Brom 1898 (Not much going on here, either)

FA Cup Final 1901 (Mark Holland of Blognor Regis’ ancestor visible here)

Wales v Ireland 1906

England v Scotland 1907

Arsenal v Newcastle 1919

FA Cup Final 1927 Part One

FA Cup Final 1927 Part Two

FA Cup Semis and Final 1930 Part One

FA Cup Semis and Final 1930 Part Two

Herbert Chapman with the Arsenal team (I was excited to find this – on British Pathe originally – but only for a moment or two, as you’ll see.)
George Allison, Chapman’s successor

Wartime Cup Finals

Arsenal v the British Land Army 1945

Please link to any more (legal) ones you may have in the comments.