Repeating Myself

I’m going to – repeat myself, that is – for as long as is necessary.

This from today’s Guardian:

3. Psychology

Glenn Hoddle had Eileen Drewery and McClaren has Bill Beswick. The former national basketball coach and highly qualified sports psychologist worked with him at Derby, Manchester United and Middlesbrough. Beswick’s key themes are taking responsibility and controlling aggression. He is also a body language expert and will spot any rifts in the squad.

Yes, Hoddle had Drewery – and you have your GP, most likely. So, here we go again: sports psychology is a branch of psychology, a largely epediomological area of study not very well connected with psychiatry and psychotherapy, which are two contrasting approaches attempting to ameliorate a well-specified area of human suffering. Eileen Drewery is a spiritual healer, not a thing I have respect for, and not a thing connected in any way with the foregoing.

And quite apart from anything else, I’d despair for anyone who found the association of Beswick and Drewery funny – that isn’t to say no one won’t; it’s just to say I’d despair for them.