Quiz Picture

Not easy, I admit: the picture below shows an early Brazil match. Using your skill, judgement and blind luck, identify the opponents, the year, and the score.

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  1. Very close – and, given the state of the records from that time..

    My information, which might not be watertight, is that it is indeed Exeter City, in June 1914, losing 2-0 to Brazil in Brazil’s first ever “international”.

    It can’t not have been a strange game. But it illustrates how even as early as 1914, football was a good career for anyone wanting to see the world.

  2. I vaguely recalled an Exeter City connection from some newspaper articles a while back. The score is pure guesswork though, so I’ll readily believe it was 2-0!

    On travel. I think in today’s world we forget that as bad as pay was for various sportsmen (football and cricketers spring to mind) the travel opportunities, both within the UK and internationally that came with the job must have been powerfully attractive for adventurous young men.

    Of course now, travelling just doesn’t have the same rarity value…

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