The Greatest George Best Video

Just like its Denis Law equivalent, it’s accompanied by the Beatles:



I particularly like the Rodney Marsh/Best interchanges towards the end. In the early ’90s, my lunchtime pub was the Phene Arms in Chelsea, which happened at the time to be Best’s local too. I have three principle memories of Best there, and these are: (1) he was always in Marsh’s company (2) he was otherwise left as alone as anyone else (3) I never saw him drink any alcohol. Those were the last days of lunchtime drinking, and we usually put away a couple of pints each. Not him.

For all that, of course, it didn’t work out for him. But it would take a towering snob not to see what I think most of us see in that video, and I’m one of those who think he left us something glorious behind.


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  1. It’s interesting to see him hurdle tackles that nowadays would have the forward hurl himself to the ground. I’m thinking of those dreadful foreign forwards Eduardo, Rooni, Gerardo, and so on.

  2. An animadversion: do you think telly opinionaters could be persuaded to stop calling “World Class” those players who would not even be good enough to appear in a hypothetical EPL First XI to play, say, a La Liga First XI?

    I have in mind players such as Rooni (I’d pick Torres and Drogba as my forwards) and Gerrardo (I’d have Giggs or Arshavin on the left of midfield, Mascherano and either Lampard or Fabregas in the middle, and Lennon or Benayoun on the right; though I suppose you could fit Gerrardo in at right back if you were a Liverpool devotee).

  3. The “Rooni” business is an expression of my contempt for Terri’s recent drivel about only furriners diving.

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