Burnley's 1973 Charity Shield

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Burnley have the honour of being the last side from Division Two to lift the Charity Shield. The annual game was having dog days at the time, as the accompanying extract shows, but the result ties in with Burnley’s other distinction of being the only club to win every Division’s championship.

1972-3 was, in many ways, the last season of the “long 1960s”, and one wants to play the Ghost of Football Future to the gloomy Times correspondent who couldn’t enjoy the sunshine on August 18:

Burnley 1973


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  1. Thanks James – I’ll try not to exploit my new knowledge that you do requests, if this really is in response to my comment! I’d done a bit of looking around, but hadn’t found anything about that particular match. I remember the goal really clearly though, and my girlfriend failing to understand why I was a bit grouchy afterwards.

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