I should just mention…

Until very recently, my brother-in-law ran a business that must have featured the world’s most charismatic workplace. It held Europe’s only indoor Mustang dynamometer – a rolling road for racing cars, essentially, which you could stand beside with your ear defenders strapped on tight watching whilst another warpainted drag racer clawed its way to 200mph.

But, as with my business on a different scale, the money didn’t come in as it might have done, and he sold up. And got a job. Well, the day comes when you have to face your adult responsibilities, forget childish dreams and buckle down…

You’ll have seen his new employer on last night’s late news bulletins.  This is his new job. And here is the backstory to it all.

My god, and some people dream of football management.

I’m retraining in accountancy.

2 Replies to “I should just mention…”

  1. That would do London to Edinburgh in about 22 minutes, you should ask to borrow it if you ever need to come back here in a hurry. Depending on traffic, I guess.

  2. I’ve finally caught up with you. Good to know you’re still going. Get hold of a copy of Jonathan Wilson’s Inverting The Pyramid and enjoy( if yu haven’t already)

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