Fifteen Minutes in Alloa

I was here, briefly, in today’s early sunshine.

Not for any footballing reasons: I’d ebayed a bike, which refused to fit into the back of my car until I let its tyres down. Recreation Park was just over the road. A friendly face called down from a window. I couldn’t hear; asked him again. “Take the front wheel off!”

“No, no. I’ll just give it another push”. (Embarrassed now, and cobwebby from the tailgate handle).

I like Alloa.

2 Replies to “Fifteen Minutes in Alloa”

  1. You can actually hire Recreation Park for something like £250.

    A friend did it for a stag-do. They put two 11s together, got to kit-up in the dressing room, play on the pitch and have a recepion in the players lounge. They even put on a referee.

  2. “kit-up”: bugger; I thought for a moment you said “kilt-up”. Which would have made for a fine stag do.

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