Youtube Blowout Finale: Kimjjj

Youtuber Kimjjj has posted the following COMPLETE MATCHES (and there are highlight reels too!). I know I don’t know where to start – there are many, many more after the jump:

Brazil v England 1970
Brazil v Italy 1970
Brazil v Romania 1970
Holland v Bulgaria 1974
Holland v Argentina 1974
Holland v Germany 1974
Liverpool v Gladbach 1977
Argentina v Italy 1978
Argentina v Brazil 1978
Argentina v Holland 1978
Italy v Germany 1982
Italy v Brazil 1982
Italy v Argentina 1982
France v Germany 1982
Brazil v Argentina 1982
France v Denmark 1984
France v Yugoslavia 1984
France v Spain 1984
Denmark v Yugoslavia 1984
Denmark v Belgium 1984
Spain v Germany 1984
Spain v Denmark 1984
Brazil v Algeria 1986
Brazil v N Ireland 1986
Brazil v France 1986
Argentina v Korea 1986
Argentina v Bulgaria 1986
Argentina v Uruguay 1986
Argentina v England 1986
Argentina v Belgium 1986
Argentina v Germany 1986
Denmark v Scotland 1986
Liverpool v Wimbledon 1988
Spain v Denmark 1988
Italy v Denmark 1988
Holland v England 1988
Holland v Germany 1988
Holland v USSR 1988
USSR v Italy 1988
Brazil v Costa Rica 1990
Argentina v Brazil 1990
Argentina v Italy 1990
Argentina v Germany 1990
Germany v England 1990
England v Cameroon 1990
Barcelona v Juventus 1991
Man Utd v Barcelona 1991
England v Denmark 1992
Denmark v France 1992
Denmark v Holland 1992
Denmark v Germany 1992
Barcelona v Sampdoria 1992
Barcelona v Real Madrid 1993
Argentina v Mexico 1993
Barcelona v Milan 1994
Argentina v Greece 1994
Brazil v Holland 1994
Real Madrid v Barcelona 1995
England v Germany 1996
Brazil v France 1998
Brazil v Denmark 1998
Brazil v Holland 1998
Brazil v Chile 1998
Denmark v Nigeria 1998
England v Argentina 1998
Juventus v Manchester U 1999
Spain v Yugoslavia 2000
Portugal v France 2000
Italy v France 2000
Denmark v Sweden 2004
Portugal v Holland 2004
Portugal v Greece 2004
Milan v Liverpool 2005
Barcelona v Arsenal 2006
Argentina v Mexico 2006
Spain v France 2006
France v Brazil 2006
Portugal v France 2006
Italy v Germany 2006
Italy v France 2006


2 Replies to “Youtube Blowout Finale: Kimjjj”

  1. Unfortunately kimjjj’s account has been suspended… bastards… wont even let fans enjoy the great collection which is otherwise not accessible to us..

  2. I am very sad because of that!!! It this can’t be on YouTube, what can? This is a treasure for those who loves football and it must not be deleted!!!!!

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