Celtic v Inter: 1967 European Cup Final in Colour

A large chunk, amounting to about one-tenth of the entire game, of Celtic’s ’67 triumph, which took place in one of the most beautiful arenas then used for football.

The same game watched first in black and white, then in colour, is faster, more skilful and less muddy the second time around. The moral of this for managers and coaches is, encourage your teams to play in colour.


A few weeks earlier, this:



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  1. OT, but it occurred to me this weekend that there are more decent American keepers in the EPL than English. The sainted Friedel continues, Howard flourishes at Everton, there’s a youngish bloke at Reading, and Keller has returned. Whereas I don’t rate Robinson or Carson, Foster is still third choice at MU, so we have James, Green and um, er, Kirkland I suppose. Have i overlooked someone?

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