England’s Arrogant Primadonnas

I’ve long fought against the idea that England’s top players are arrogant primadonnas who think they have a divine right to a
place in the national team. I’ve even resisted, from time to time, the idea that the English way of playing is irretrievably backward.

But the evidence of this clip is overwhelming. From 45 seconds to 2 minutes 20 seconds. He needs taking down a peg or two..


What we need is a return to old values and a complete change in our approach to playing football. At the same time as returning the game to its working class roots and bringing in foreign expertise. As Sir Geoff Thompson said, we have no right to a place at the top tournaments, and we should expect to be qualifying. (I’m being tongue in cheek. But seriously, in the light of Alan Shearer being seriously touted for the job at the FA – something he has treated in exactly the right spirit in my opinion – do we really think that anyone knows what to do to change things anymore? Or, on the other hand, that we’re going to get some perspective, calm down, and begin to enjoy our international football again? War is over if you want it, people, even if it’s only a footballing proxy).

2 Replies to “England’s Arrogant Primadonnas”

  1. I am at a loss as to why you care, James. I have read on at least two blogs this week (Stephen Pollard’s and Stumbling and Mumbling) that true football fans only care about their chosen club side and not about the national team. Unlike me, they are both apparently working class, so I assume they’re correct.

  2. Working class? I want to see dirt beneath their nails… Actually, don’t get me started on that one. The bloggers’ Chipox Club hails from Belsize Park, Henley and Hove respectively, which says it all to me. It’s kind of a Hefner thing: they’re wearing pyjamas, they can fight in the jungle then put on some pearls and they’re ready for formal wear. Or whatever.

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