Guess the Match..

Without clicking through, see if you can identify the two teams involved here, and hazard a guess at the date.

There are enough clues for most of you to “get it” before it finishes, but see how long it takes you.


4 Replies to “Guess the Match..”

  1. Very close! Yes, England v West Germany, Wembley, but early 1966: it’s a World Cup warm-up match.

  2. Really? It was the presence of Norman Hunter and Gunter Netzer that led me to think it was later. Was Netzer in the West German squad in ’66 then?

  3. Yes, Netzer made his international debut the previous year, although of course he’d have to wait until ’72 for his annus mirabilis. It was Norman Hunter’s second cap, and Geoff Hurst’s debut. Six of that England team had less than 12 caps, and that five months from the World Cup: little wonder that the press were frantic at that stage.

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