The Story Beneath A Title-Winning Season

Not the story behind a title-winning season – I do mean beneath. In 1974-5 Rangers were beginning to crack Celtic’s long dominance of the Scottish scene.

Here’s what was going on underneath Ibrox at the time:

Underneath Glasgow/Ibrox

More underneath Glasgow/Ibrox

The new Life On Mars series will be set in London. I can’t help thinking that’s something of a waste.

2 Replies to “The Story Beneath A Title-Winning Season”

  1. I knew a girl once who wanted a train set. She got to manage the one at the Esso refinery at Fawley. The Glasgow subway would do me nicely as a retirement job.

  2. Ha. Very good. It will only work though if Rangers do win the league next year.

    And Dearieme, when my wife (who is from DC) saw the Glasgow underground, she burst out laughing and said it was like a child’s train set. I prefer to think of it as compact and neat.

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