1888: A More Than Mind Games Film

And a rough, experimental one at that. The sound in particular will be a great deal better next time..

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  1. That’s rather wonderful, James, almost hypnotic. Stuff here for a book – or film. Wasn’t there some fuss about money being left in footballers’ boots in about 1905 or so? Sunderland? I expect I am misremembering.

  2. No, there certainly was. The first 35 years of professional football – 1885-1920 say – were rife with that sort of thing: we’re lilywhite these days by comparison. The first title-winning MUFC side owed much to Manchester City’s having been caught at it.

  3. I came here via Westminster Wisdom. I knew that would be interesting. Incredible indeed. Thanks Gracchi for sharing.


  4. That was very interesting, I came from Gracchi’s blog too. I’m glad I did.

    If that was you speaking, you have a very nice voice.

  5. Who is Gracchi and why don’t these people have anything constructive to say instead of congratulating themselves on being au fait with le foot or Gracchi? Are we supposed to welcome their interest? I suppose so. Over to Dearie Me.

  6. Gracchi is the mind behind Westminster Wisdom, which is strongly recommended in these parts. He was good enough to recommend this post.

    I suppose there’s reason for saying that my entire blog is all about my congratulating myself for being au fait with le foot (great phrase, by the way – make an excellent title for a blog).

  7. Did you see the BBC4 programme on Sunday about Edwardian film? Mitchell and Kenyon. Entrancing and including clips of Sheffield United with Fatty Foulkes as well as of Manchester United versus Burnley etc. Good quality too now digitally enhanced.

  8. I’m afraid it’s worse with me, George: I have the Bfi films on DVD. Rumour has it that they have hundreds, literally, of Edwardian games on film (5 shakey, badly-angled mins of each) and are going to release many more this year.

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