I can’t help thinking it’s significant that we’re not shown or told what happened after this, or what brought it about in the first place… nevertheless, it’s what a lot of people want. If I were one of the men in vests, I’d assume that we were in a lot of trouble and that the shouting was to conceal the coach’s own panic and indecision. Anyway, enjoy:


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  1. In response to Dearieme… Up the @rse perhaps?

    I can understand why the coach/captain hasn’t made the big leagues. I loved the bit about the Olympics – a comedy sketch Paul Whitehouse would be proud to have written!

  2. So what big leagues would an Australian rules coach aspire to?
    James, try and be a bit more selective. There is a time for screaming and a time for analysis. The trick is to get it right at the right time. “Brian Clough didn’t butter me up, he offered me more money. Dave Mackay 2007.

  3. Thanks for the Dave Mackay quotation Pierre – it’s not quite what the Mackay of 1967 claimed had gone on, and one wonders whether he’s more open about it now that it’s all long in the past.

    I actually agree with you re. selectivity, but I did think it was an amusing video..

  4. Actually, I loved the bit about the Olympic chick. Not so much Paul Whitehouse as early Simon Curtis – the Skinhead Hamlet, or perhaps John Cooper Clarke’s Chickentown.

    There is a blessedness about verbally multiple-fucked. I don’t know how they could all huddle round with busting into hysterical laughter.

    Or could this be what makes Australians so good at sport? Perhaps that’s what Australian Rules really means. It must be their upside-down version of Rule Britannia.

  5. Hmm, that should have read. “the verbally multiple-fucked” and “all huddle round without bursting into hysterical laughter.”

    Get a Preview facility, James?

  6. Faintly surreal to be asked for that by an Eliot Prize winner, but I’ll see what I can do.. and it’s done.

  7. Pierreb – the internet is abound with information… go seek and thou shall find.

  8. Pierreb

    It was an ironic response to your question “So what big leagues would an Australian rules coach aspire to”?

    The video clip looked to me nothing more than a captain of a local side trying to gee up his team by the use of the f-word and a story he could not get right. If I’d been in the team I would have fallen down with laughter! We all play sport to succeed at some level, I’m sure at professional Aussie Rule clubs motivational speeches are somewhat different although I’m sure the f-word is just as popular. Aussie Rule is a popular sport in, well, Australia, I’m sure they would have a league structure from the professional elite down to the local amateur side.

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