Fun For Sunday

..keeping just within the site remit, or near enough!

First up, an extended, beautiful version of Joe Kittinger’s staggering 1960 skydive. Top Gear still has some way to go..


Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier – officially on behalf of the US armed forces, but I’m happy to classify this as sport:

The magical “Rendezvous” by Claude Lelouche, which was going to have to appear here sooner or later:

For those of you who, like me, missed out on Concorde, this is what it was like:

and, finally, Jackie Stewart talks us around the Nurburgring in 1973:

4 Replies to “Fun For Sunday”

  1. I was going to mention …Rendezvous after watching Ari Vatenen’s heroics the other day. Thanks to Mr Google I found a site that plots the route around in Paris alongside the video. Kinda neat.

    Oh, and the sound’s dubbed apparently. It’s a Mercedes car with a Ferarri soundtrack.

  2. At least Lelouche isn’t responsible for “That’ll be the postal, mate” in cod-cockney. Perhaps Auden should have insisted on a Ferrari-esque backing for his film, too: it would have kept people guessing for decades.

    Thanks for the Runciman, Dearieme. I used to know his father! No bad article, although the phrase “university of life” raises my hackles almost as easily as “salt of the earth”. You may have come across another Runciman effort, more bizarre than this last one, where he draws clodhopping parallels between Glenn Hoddle and Tony Blair.

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