It Almost Looks Like Revolution..

At the Guardian this morning.

Wenger: Recall Beckham. Now that’s not helpful, Arsene.

Shouting at Players doesn’t work. Well, I’ve said it on occasion..

Young players compete too much, practice too little… any guesses as to the identity of the unnamed manager?

So thank goodness for David Lacey for letting us know that behind the scenes it’s stupid business as usual:

McClaren has also equipped himself with a PR man and a sports psychologist; presumably a faith healer is on the way.

So, here we go again: “sports psychology is a branch of psychology, a largely epediomological area of study not very well connected with psychiatry and psychotherapy, which are two contrasting approaches attempting to ameliorate a well-specified area of human suffering”. I might add: faith healing is the prattish obsession of football journalists whose knowledge of the game doesn’t spread as far as the end of their column. Never trust a man with a beard…

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  1. Have Harry or Jamie been joining in? If so, I’ve missed their comments so far (working this morning).
    Harry’s actually had one or two people nominating him to succeed McClaren. Rather backs up what Graham Taylor’s been saying about Steve having the shortest honeymoon of any England manager. For what it’s worth, his attitude towards Clive Woodward and Simon Clifford while he was manager of Southampton was enough to place him out of court in my book. And I doubt he’d enjoy the long spells any international manager has to spend between matches – it would frustrate amd bore him.

  2. I as thinking more of Redknapp’s use of the West Ham academy. Not that he did anything to foster or develop it. I did think of Benitez as another candidate. I didn’t see the Croatia game, but Macedonia are not a bad team and Croatia at home a good one. If Parker and Carrick both played that gives you two inexperienced midfielders at the heart of the team. Carrick is not naturally assertive. He needs to be told he’s what make the team tick a la Jol no mean man manager. Jol and having a DOF are best things that have happeneed to Us (Tottenham) for a very long time.

  3. It must be frustrating to be a West Ham supporter and reflect on where the team would be were it able to keep its young players. Something that may be in the process of changing..
    I too like the look of Jol. Just going on the basic feel you get for someone via the media, he has the sense of being the right man in the right place. For England’s sake, I do wish he’d play Defoe a little more often, but that’s a side issue.

  4. If Wenger believes that, he can prove his point by buying Beckham in January – there’s no sign that Real are very keen to play him, is there?

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