An Apology or Two

August is allegedly a dead month for hypnotherapists. Not for this one, and I haven’t had five minutes since – I can’t remember when – and tomorrow morning to Cambridge, so no time then.

The new look, if it deserves the title, is in response to readers’ emails: apparently the old theme was cutting sentences short. I’ll find a prettier one in due course.

Match of the Day is back, but without any of Dan Cruickshanck, Ptolemy Dean, Jim White, Henry Winter, Simon Barnes or Derek Acorah on the panel. The loss is ours. Theo Walcott’s wonderful “cameo” as we seem to be calling these things now, gave me one more sense of what might have been… a different kind of unplayable cross from Beckham’s, and not a type I’ve seen in the Premiership before.

3 Replies to “An Apology or Two”

  1. OT, I wonder what you make of the preciptous fall of Ruud van Nistlerooy, James. There are reports that van Basten has vowed never to play him again. Everyone bar Real seems to be distancing him.

    It’s just a strange story, thats all.

  2. WordPress doesn’t believe in preview – there isn’t that option for posts, either. I can’t imagine why not.

    I’ll take up your Ruud suggestion – he’s an interesting man, and some of his recent experiences have their parallels in the playing careers of Alex Ferguson and a certain famous van Basten mentor.

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