It Sounds Better In French

..and looks better in colour:


England’s side remained unchanged for almost a year after this match, but Alf Ramsey had chopped and changed formation and tactics constantly throughout his time in charge and would continue to do so right up to the 1966 Quarter Final. Luck was with England in 1966. Brazil were kicked out of the tournament by others; England were fortunate in their referees for different reasons against France, Argentina and West Germany. Furthermore, England were carrying only one significant injury – that of Jimmy Greaves. If only Sven had had such luck in 2002, 2004 and 2006, things would have been very different. But luck attends every tournament win, whoever you are: even Brazil in 1970 were lucky to beat England and to meet Italy in the final after the Azzuri had worn themselves out in their astonishing game against West Germany. In 1998, France discovered what sort of team they were through a series of comic near-misses on their way to victory; and then there’s European Champions Greece..