Hanging On For The Whistle

It’s a pretty bedraggled scene here at MTMG, but we’re giving the referee looks and willing him to raise the whistle to his lips, so in the meantime, here’s some of that dancing I can’t stand. The Latin Formation FG Ars Nova Hamburg/Verden will need no introduction to the kind of readers we get around here, and I’ll let them explain their presence themselves:

The title of the choreography is “Das Runde muss ins Eckige” which is an untranslatable quote by a famous German football coach. The music we used includes, among others, such musical gems as “Gute Freunde kann niemand trennen”, sung by Franz Beckenbauer. At the end of the choreography the dancers emulate the final moments of the 1954 World Cup match between West Germany and Hungary–more specifically the final goal scored by Rahn for Germany. (more)

Quite. Here they are:

and, here: