McGrath and Monty Panesar

Norm flags up Glenn McGrath’s comments about Monty Panesar’s sessions with sports psychologist Steve Bull, which are intended to help Panesar cope with barracking from Aussie crowds:

If he`s seeing a psychologist already, then I think it`s a bit premature and a bit ridiculous.

“When we go to England, we cop a hard time, we don`t see a psychologist beforehand. It`s just the way it is,” said McGrath.

“I think it`s just media build-up, probably the English media, saying he`s going to cop a hard time over here,” he said.

“To me, that`s just cricket.”

Well, perhaps…

There are four major performance skills for all elite sportsmen and women, these being technical, physical, tactical and mental. The latter skill is one that can make the crucial difference for athletes performing consistently to their abilities. Sport psychology has played a significant role in the understanding, training and ultimately the use of mental skills for peak performance.” John Buchanan, Australian Cricket Board National Coach

… or perhaps not.

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