I’ve altered the permalink structure to the blog so that post titles are used in urls, not post numbers. Ergo, every single link to the blog is now broken, but the requirements of omelettes etc., and there it is.

Gordon Banks

A beautiful video tribute to Gordon Banks: [youtube=] You can read more about Don Mullan’s brilliant Banks biography here.

Long Overdue

Is football becoming middle class? It’s not that simple. The old industrial north from which professional football sprang is gone. That “working class” exists only in the lives of its elderly surviving members. You have to stake your claim to being working class nowadays. But the idea of what being middle class was has also…

Wodehouse XI

Given the lack of association football in Wodehouse (plenty of cricket, rugger, amateur athletics, tennis, golf and racing of course) it might not seem the obvious thing to come up with a PGW soccer eleven. But you never know when you might need one. Here’s mine, with accompanying comments from the selectors. GOAL: Sir Roderick…